Game Launch!

(It's finally finished!)

(Thanks to the Finally Finish Something Jam, I present to you the finished version of The Academy. It was a lot of work and my dominant hand is in a lot of pain, but it was worth it to wrap up Ivy's story. Besides any quality of life updates and bug fixes, this is the last I'll touch the project in awhile. But at least it doesn't end on a cliffhanger anymore!)

(I'd like to thank the Jam Runners for giving me the final push of motivation to finish this game. Having a deadline that wasn't self-imposed helped me immensely. Additionally, I'd like to thank PinkUboa for play testing and catching what I didn't originally. And finally, thank you for following along, even if I ended up being entirely radio-silent for the month. I hope you check out the game and enjoy it!)


The Academy Window of Opportunity 70 MB
Feb 02, 2019
The Academy Window of Opportunity 71 MB
Feb 02, 2019

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